The Right Modem and Router

When planning to set up systems for network gaming, it's also useful asking you internet access provider, if they can also provide you with an Ethernet enabled modem, or modem and router combo. Your ISP may be able to suggest an appropriate Ethernet enabled solution as modem and router in one.

Cable modem and router connects your Internet service to your network, while the wireless modem and router connects wireless and wired adapters to your network. It is important to keep in mind that a lot of new computers, especially laptops and Netbooks, already have a wireless adapter built-in.

Fro network gaming at home, you will need faster modem and router with good security features. The router should also presents advance networking features that permit one to access local network securely from the Internet. Some examples of these features are Port Forwarding, Firewall etc;

Cable modem and router don't have the built-in wireless functionality. In this case one can always add a wireless access point to the router to make the network wireless capable. As with network gaming, there can be a lot of complicated settings; this is a faster way than replacing the existing router with a wireless modem and router.

One would obviously want a fast network when it comes to playing network games and streaming high definition contents. In order to stream to multiple clients, and connect to your streaming clients to the network via cable, it is always best to have a Gigabit router. This helps when more than one client streaming digital content from the same source.

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