The Issue Of External IPs Address

Sometimes, you are not able to play network games online as you are not able to connect with your friends. Often the issue boils down to external IP address which could be causing the problems. How to make sure what could be causing the problem so as to play network games without any hassles? Read on to know more abut internet external IP address.

Before we move on, let us understand what is an external IP address? It is the address given by your ISP or Internet Service Provide to recognize you on the internet. If you have a network gaming system with one internet connection, then the internet external IP address will identify your whole network. It is like if you are living in a hotel and each room represents a computer. The hotel address would be like the “external IP address”.

Here are some issues that could be the cause of the problem:

1. The router you are using may not have opened the ports required for the game.
2. You didn’t give the proper network/internet permissions to the firewall.
3. Your router doesn't actually use your external IP address.

The problem may arise due to any of the above three or a combination of all of the above reasons. In the case of problem number one, you'll have to access your router configuration and check external IP address Setup a static ip address for your computer.

Now for case number two, you should go through the firewall configuration to see if your game has its permissions set up. Sometimes it's required for it to be able to accept incoming connections. Well, this depends a bit on the software you're using. Disable the option of Windows Firewall, as it includes a false sense of security.

In the case of the 3rd scenario, usually the problem gets solved just by connecting directly through the internet. Sometimes you also need to install some more features in order to overcome the issues of Internet external IP address. Just open up network connections and check out the properties of connections to the router.

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