Small Introduction to RTS Games

In the world of online gaming, RTS games have been always very popular, gathering worldwide players from all ages.

RTS stands for Real Time Strategy and when we talk about RTS games we are mainly referring to war games in which strategy is the main factor. RTS games differ from other games of strategy for the fact that a player has anytime the possibility to make an action; in other words a player doesn’t necessarily need to wait for the other player to make a move. The RTS leave aside the component "action" to focus more on strategy and teamwork.

In RTS games, tactics, strategies and alliances are basic factors. In order to win, players will need to match their individual skills and cooperate with others players.

Even if RTS games are basically war games, fighting is only one part of the game. During the game, players are busy to define their settings, to choose their right development and above all players need to organize their resources in the most efficient way in order to win.

Developers of RTS games are improving every day. Most of RTS games available online, have amazing graphics, exclusive features and usually a wonderful story behind the game itself. RTS games can either tell the story of a war between empires thousand years ago or tell about a futuristic nuclear war.

There are many RTS games online , most of them free versions that can be played on browser, ipad, iphone, android and Facebook.

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